Funny TV Story!

I just wanted to post this quick and funny story that REALLY did happen to us!
Last Sunday we visited a church gathering where, in the course of a conversation, we were challenged by a lady to do something we had already been talking about lately…to stop watching Television for a week. The reason for this is to see just how much time we waste worshipping the tube! So we took this challenge seriously and didn’t turn the TV on for the entire week. Not just any week, but the week of all the season premiers of some of our favorite shows.
All week, we seemed to have more time to read, study, talk and work on cleaning out the basement, getting ready for an upcoming and unavoidable yard sale.
After working all evening on Friday, we decided to watch the season premier of “Numbers” at 10:00 p.m.
What happened next is possibly the funniest thing that has ever happened to us in nearly 11 years of marriage. At exactly 10:06 p.m., the TV blew up! Yes, the picture suddenly went out, and smoke began to billow out of the back of the TV! Quickly we unplugged the smoking TV, and laughed as I exclaimed, “Okay God, I think we get the picture!”
I’m not saying that we will never watch TV again, but because of this funny experience we will keep track of how much of our lives we devote to the nothingness that is Television!
We cannot let the important things be held hostage by the unimportant!
Thanks be to God for having a sense of humor and caring enough to continually teach us.

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It is my life's mission to help those whom God brings into my path to Discover their unique gifts and talents, Develop those gifts and talents, and help them live out their Destiny.

One response to “Funny TV Story!”

  1. Valerie Bransdorfer says :

    That is a great story and I have no doubt God got your attention.
    We turned off TV several years ago and only play selective DVD’s.
    I would be just as happy though, tossing the thing right out the door…expect for ..maybe…”Lost”.

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