“Good Leadership”

Good Leadership is a channel of water controlled by God; He directs it to whatever ends He chooses. –Proverbs 21:1 (The Message)

Wow!  Good Leadership is defined by the world in a “results-drven” or “money-driven” way most of the time.   Even by some prominent Christians as “Influence” or “Power”. (which is partially true)  This verse describes leadership that is “good” as God-Controlled Power/Influence, or “Power Submitted”.  Not what we normally think of when looking at most leaders today.

What if the “old-school” existing leaders would submit and share some authority and wisdom of experience with the younger “emerging” leaders?  What if the young “know-it-all” leaders would submit to the older leaders and ask for wisdom and mentorship from them?

What if ALL leaders (especially in the American Church) took on a “posture of learning” and submitted to God in all things—even those things we think we already know how to do?  What if there were a “safe place” for existing and emerging leaders to sit down at the table and respectfully learn from each other?

If this happened, I think we’d have some “good leadership” in this world for a change!  May it be so…


About Keith Glover

It is my life's mission to help those whom God brings into my path to Discover their unique gifts and talents, Develop those gifts and talents, and help them live out their Destiny.

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