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I have a new webpage for Pastors….I’ll be posting here occasionally about relationships, but primarily at Pastor2Pastors so please check it out.



“Good Leadership”

Good Leadership is a channel of water controlled by God; He directs it to whatever ends He chooses. –Proverbs 21:1 (The Message)

Wow!  Good Leadership is defined by the world in a “results-drven” or “money-driven” way most of the time.   Even by some prominent Christians as “Influence” or “Power”. (which is partially true)  This verse describes leadership that is “good” as God-Controlled Power/Influence, or “Power Submitted”.  Not what we normally think of when looking at most leaders today.

What if the “old-school” existing leaders would submit and share some authority and wisdom of experience with the younger “emerging” Read More…

No Room for Fear

“There is no room for fear in love.” –1 John 4:18a (Message Bible)

What do we fear? Why do we fear? Honest answers to these questions can tell you many things about a person. Do we fear man more than God? What do our actions say to back that up?

Later in 1 John 4, it says, “Fear is crippling…” To be crippled in this sense is to be limited. Basically, when we fear (or live a life of fear) we limit how much God can work in our lives. (note: He’s God and He can do all things, so we really can’t truly limit His actions) We really limit ourselves by the exact proportion to which we give ourselves away to God and others! If our mission is to Love God and Love Others —and it’s Read More…

Funny TV Story!

I just wanted to post this quick and funny story that REALLY did happen to us!
Last Sunday we visited a church gathering where, in the course of a conversation, we were challenged by a lady to do something we had already been talking about lately…to stop watching Television for a week. The reason for this is to see just how much time we waste worshipping the tube! So we took this challenge seriously and didn’t turn the TV on for the entire week. Not just any week, but the week of all the season premiers of some of our favorite shows.
All week, we seemed to have more time to read, study, talk and work on cleaning out the basement, getting ready for an upcoming and unavoidable yard sale.
After working all evening on Friday, we decided to watch the season premier of “Numbers” at 10:00 p.m. Read More…